Aug 2011, Visby

Jag kommer att föreläsa på den Nordiska kongressen i Visby 17-20 augusti 2011.

Lite mer information gällande mitt tema och bakgrundsinformation:

”Re-membering pasts and imagining futures – interaction at the Heart of Practice.”

This title, originally presented at a symposium at the EFTA Congress in Paris October 2010, carries the voices of my European colleagues – particularly, Prof. Laura Fruggeri and her colleges from the Bologna Centre, Prof Umberta Telfener, Rome and Dr. Imelda McCarthy, Dublin. Re-membered, in particular, is the voice of Dr Gianfranco Cecchin from the Milan Centre. Our starting point was the influence of Milan, along with the developments of interactional practices in our various centres in Europe. In a “time that focuses on results” we wanted to focus on therapeutic ethics, “therapy as a process, where systems of prejudice and paradigms of change intersect” (Cecchin). The following inspirational ideas from Gianfranco Cecchin form the centre-piece for discussion:

* Connote positively – the great value of it is that it changes the therapist.

* Put phenomena in the relational context where they make sense.

* Take a post-ideological stance – be aware that we are responsible for what we believe, as our mere presence changes things.

* Doubt is a de-constructing force – be irreverent to your own ideas.

* Make constructive use of your own prejudices; make yourself aware of them, use them and change them whenever they prove not to be useful.

* Aesthetic curiosity is the driving force in the interview, it reveals the beauty of patterns.

* To see systemically opens up for possibilities of new punctuations, new descriptions, that are easier to live with.